New Items in Fallen Angel

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

Fallen Angel has added a few new items to its collections. These items range from 30-150 starcoins and 5-15 Stardollars. 

Here is a picture of the items. 

The new items are the ones I have highlighted. What do you think of these items?

I was wondering whether to continue my weekly hairstyle tutorials. Please comment saying I should or should not continue. Thanks

The2glams made us new banners:] They are amazing, here one is:

1 Awesome Comments:

  • Jamie-Leigh said...

    Im not a big fan of these new items. I Think you should keep your weekly hairstyle's just add some more pictures so it's a little easier to understand :)

    ~ bracken1234

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