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Sunday, June 24, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

Under Spotlight I always look in the Starblog/News Section. Today I happened to notice a change to the way it was displayed. Is this just my computer or do you have this to:

When I click so more the most interesting thing happens. Nothing more is shown. Here is  a picture.

When I click More News it brings me to my notifications. Hmm

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4 Awesome Comments:

  • Noura said...

    Can I please ask a question? Well, I've been interested in becoming a starblogger. I did every step correctly and I sent the link to stardoll. They sent me a message back and it says:
    Hi cutie_noura, We really appreciate your interest in becoming a Star Blogger. We are constantly working on adding more excellent content from our talented Stardoll members! If you use your Blog regularly, you are very welcome to send us the link. We will take a look at it and consider it for Star Blog. PLEASE NOTE: We have a lot of members wanting to blog for Star Blog! If you have not received a response from us, it means you have not been accepted. Please do not send the whole article! For more information regarding the Star Blog, please "click here" Thanks again and kind regards, The Stardoll Staff.

    I want to know, what you did in steps
    contact me on stardoll cutie_noura and what do they mean by do not send us the whole article?

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