South Park lovers!

Friday, June 22, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
This is going to be a medoll of a week thing I guess.
Anyways, do you love South Park? It's an American Comedy. If you don't but still love creative medolls, you should still visit.....

                                               Room 1: South Park themed (well duhh) I can really tell she but lots of work into this room, and her medoll  perfectly matches the theme.  I give this room a...
5/5 :)

I didn't any other room, but that won't stop me from telling you what I think.
Although Scaryspice321(or Aisling) didn't have any other room other than the one showed above I still felt like i wanted  to go inside that room and look around. I've never seen South Park before but it makes me feel like i really should. 5/5 for that.
Her medoll looks alot like the character, marjorine . :
I love her medoll so I'm giving her a 5/5 for that too.
A total of 15/15. I really thinks she deserves this :) Great job!

4 Awesome Comments:

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