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Monday, June 25, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Pink and creative, she has a great suite and doll. 1997jake has been a member of Stardoll since the may 2012. She is on level 47 in the strapping system and has earned 47/71 strapping awards. 

Her accomplishments include: 
• Second place Covergirl
• Fifth place Covergirl
• NCGx3 for the USA
• Top Jewelry Designx2
• 65 Game trophies won

I love her outfit it is very pink and creative and complements her blonde hair and pink eyeshadow. Check it out: 

In the background you can see her suite. it is very modern and pretty with a bit of a flair for nature. 

She also created a very unique scenery. It is titled Morning Bath. Here it is:

Please visit 1997jake. Thanks and please comment.


3 Awesome Comments:

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