It looks nice but dont like the polka-dots (: -The2glams

SD fixed the top designers

SD hasnt fixed the voting thing in the hottest design, I hope they fix it soon. :l -The2glams


I really like this hb jkt(: What do you guys think? worth buying? -The2glams

FREE iCarly Stuff

- Logout of stardoll - Clear ALL your recent history - use: Port 80 (very SLOW, keep trying) - login and go to cl...

FREE Vampire Suck Stuff(:

To get the Free Segway Join the Club (Manual Proxy needed) - Logout of stardoll - Clear ALL your recent history - use:

Free Fudge Surfing Skirt!!!

Use: aussieproxy.info Type and hit go: stardoll.com Login and Paste: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=929 -the2glam...

Feb. HB

WOW! Love everything from the feb hb collection:D -the2glams

HB is out!

Funky hat x) -The2glams
ok i got a whole bunch of freebies for yah haha. if you already seen these then well your going to see them again XD. just remeber each ite...

Log in with FB (:

There is a new way to join SD, through FB:D -the2glams

SS Lips

NEW SS lips!(: Some look cool(: -the2glams

Rio Sign Changed

They changed the new Rio store sign, looks better than before:D -The2glams

Tangled Store/Pop Shop Store

I hope we can buy the cool interior from the store Pop Shop(: I love the tangled store also because of the hair wigs(: -The2glams

Tangled Dress (FREE!)

If you are from the UK or Ireland: To get this dress you have to "like" the Tangled page on facebook (you can't get th...


New Sunny Bunny Collection coming to the starplaza and some interior items aswell. Credit:I_am_Collector -The2glams

Beauty Parlor changes

Now you can see more of your medoll and the background has been changed. I like this new change, it looks much better. -The2glams


The print isnt the best, but I like the design -The2glams

Update *CG Mag

They have added the whole medoll in this CG mag, is it a glitch or will this be how they show the latest CG for the day? -The2glams

Enhanced Mag.

A new magazine made by us(me and my twin sis) is going to come out sometime in the next few weeks. This magazine will be about make-up. Thi...

HB bag OUT

I like the new HB bag(: looks cute -The2glams


--If you are a member - 1)Go to one of these Swedish proxies proxysmart.info OR proxyget.info/ OR foraldrafritt.se OR surfaanonymt...

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