Freebie: Lego Friends Lily

You can get this free item by following the instructions below.

How Much Do you Know?

Archive Coming Tomorrow!

Stardoll Prepaid Cards

Spoilers: 2/28/13

Novi Stars

SuperStar Membership

The 2013 Starmovie Festival

Free fridge and golden top

Get a free golden shirt and a free fridge!

Stardoll Academy's Second year?

I was looking around the internet and stuff. I found this bag that looks like stardoll academy bags, so I decided to post it:

Spoilers 2/27/13

Hotbuys Released!!

You can now find them in the catalog in starplaza. They're okay, but not good enough for the price, in my opinion... Do you like it? ...

FREE Jessie Helicopter (For those who didn't get it)

New writer! Yilin.002

Hello :) I am really happy to be the new writer of this amazing blog. About me: My name is Yilin, my stardoll username is  Yilin.002  (cl...

New Commenting System

New Feauture: Camera In Stardesign Hair

Stardoll has released a new feature in Stardesign Hair. We are now able to take use the camera to take pictures of our designs.

FREEBIE: Style Boutique Cardigan & Dress

I've got a freebie for you today :D

Hidden PPQ Coming to the Shop!

FREE Jacket, tshirt, shorts, shoes AND bracelet!

Hmm, I really like this 'Old available' things. This one is to get: Free Jacket, Tshirt, Shoes AND bracelet! Wow! Heres how to...


So... Wow! I'm the new writer for this amazing blog :D I couldn't actually believe it yesterday so I kind of went a bit hyper and co...

How to get a Animated Teddybear!

Hi, I am Stellacaik, a new poster on this blog. And for my first post I am going to show you how to get this: If you are from the UK...

HotBuy's Week #3 Real Life Versions

This took me forever to find so please give credit Also do you think th real life versions look better than stardoll's?...

StarDesign: New Style Boutique

Stardoll + Facebook | More helpful than you thought

If miss the starcoins to stardollars exchange, surely, you'd read this whole thing. Same with free stuff.         Facebook, the world&...

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