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Sunday, February 10, 2013 0 Awesome Comments
We are finishing up Internet Safety day calender. I'll also make this post a little longer, saying why i can't really post right now. But first, here is the internet safety day chair!
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To get to the calender, click here
Next, click on the crab (it's by the shore)
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The answer is A, of course you can read all the answers, but the correct answer is "A"
Once you click "submit" go to your suite, you'll be rewarded with a chair.
Go back to the calender by clicking the link above.  
Go all the way down, and you'll get a message from Stardoll. Yay, surfer dude is safe!!!!
Any questions? 

Anyway, as I said at the top, I wasn't posting as much now. I always read this blog though. In  real life my friend is being bullied. The bully is threatening and just being plain rude. I feel as if this is going to far, so I've taken a small break from Stardoll to focus on school and my friends, and hoping that the girl will stop. So if you don't mind, you'll be seeing a few popcorn like posts (appearing every once in a while). Next week I'll post as much as I can, as I will have Valentine's off, teacher in service days, Monday I'll be getting out an hour early. Tuesday I will be too, but I have to go somewhere. Wednesday is a full day. 
Thank you for understanding, remember, we have a contest going on in the blog! You can win some items I'm guessing ;))

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