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Saturday, February 23, 2013 0 Awesome Comments
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If miss the starcoins to stardollars exchange, surely, you'd read this whole thing. Same with free stuff.
        Facebook, the world's largest social media site helps you connect with friends from around the world, it has apps (one which is to play.
        The Stardoll app on Stardoll is a mini Stardoll on the go. If you can't access Stardoll because it's not connecting, Facebook is there to save you.
What can you do in the Stardoll app on Facebook? You can do lots of fun activities! Decorate your suite, see what's new in the Stardoll world, pick of the day, send gifts to friends, it's your Stardoll home away from home!
            Do you miss the starcoin to stardollar exchange? Log onto Facebook for 5 days a week and you can get daily starcoins and at the end of the week 5 stardollars!
           You can even get... free stuff! If you make an account just for Stardoll, like I did, You can still get all the gifts that are available.

Today is your lucky day.... another gift is available! 
So far, the gifts have been..... a "like" dress, glasses, boots, shirt, purse, and now some pants.
      You can even get the latest news about releases or new news.

More helpful than you thought?

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