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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 24 Awesome Comments
Do you have free time and don't know what to do?
Well, why not become a SLN Writer!
If you love to write and will be a committed writer, then fill out the form:

Stardoll Username:
Which days can you write:

All SLN writers are ONLY to write about:
New Shops
Latest Hot Buys
Free Stuff
Contests in Stardoll

Once you are accepted to write for this blog, you must message me your email address and don't make your own personal banner. We will make banners for all writers to use when we have the time.

24 Awesome Comments:

  • Cool.Glimmer said...

    Stardoll Username: CoralCool91
    I can post on almost all days.

    Right now, I have my finals going on, so I will not be able to post till the 10th of March.
    If you choose me to become a writer, I'll be really happy!!!!!!!

  • SammySdx said...

    Username: SammySdx
    I can write every single day and I'm very active on stardoll. I also consider myself a pretty good writer and I've been trying to write for a great blog for a long time :)

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