Miss Stardoll World gets her own dressup doll?

The winner of Miss Stardoll World got her own doll. She is SOO lucky. Have a good 2O11, (: ♥ alexapug.

New designs!

What do you think of them? twilightgirl995/Emily

New payment options


Free blue earrings! (Available until 1/16/11)

If you are from Sweden click HERE and enter the contest! If you are not from Sweden follow these instructions... 1) You will need to us...

Free Gold Earrings (Available until 1/16/11)

(Click to enlarge photo) If you are from Greece click HERE to get them! If your not from Greece follow these instructions.... 1) Yo...

My new Youtube Vid :D

Leave a comment please(: -The2glams

NEW PPQ spoilers

Love most of the dresses, pretty sure they aren't going to be cheap. -The2glams

Winter Make-up + Purchase limit

Well, since things have been a little slow in Stardoll, and there isn't much news to share. I thought I would do a little activity that ...


I just became SD Royalty TODAY!:D This is the letter they sent me(: -The2glams

Merry Christmas.

I havn't posted in forever, so I just wanna say, Happy Hollidays. I'll post more on Sunday. (: -Alexa


Hey! Well remember the new "whip my hair store" I wrote about? Well there is a new interior to match it! Its 20 sd and super...

The NEW HB and Holiday dress is out!

Love the dresses (: -the2glams

Get 25% extra sds when you purchase..

Not a good deal if you ask me, they should at least give you 5O% more sds. -The2glams


We have a couple spoilers today :l A christmas hat and some clothing(: -The2glams


So there is a new store out! Its called "WHip my hair" like from the new song by willow smith Those are the two floors! I love t...


Hey Everybody! You probably might have heard about the "new superstar hair" and well, now this message is for all of the TWILIGHT...


The new Holiday dress is OUT! Very expensive. I think they are 25sds because christmas is on the 25th? -The2glams

Suite Camera

Now you can take pics at your suite, just like in the parties "] -The2glams


I like a few of them, it was so unexpected "] -The2glams


 Yay! Time for new luxe! I quite like them: The colours are nice :) What do you think? Pallie xoxoo

Next HB and HOLIDAy dress are out!

The holiday dress looks very ugly and the hb purse looks good. Are you going to buy any? -The2glams


Go here http://ukryj.info/ Then paste this in the box: http://www.stardoll.com/ click the button "Go" Log into your Stardoll acc...


Its cute! I bought it, cuz the price is ok... thats how it looks :P Do you like it? and will you buy it?? Pallie xoxo

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