The History of SLN

Well most of you would like to know when and why did we create this site, well it was back in 2010 that we first published this site. We decided to make a blog so more people can be inform about the latest news on stardoll, even though there were already big blogs out there, we still wanted to create this blog. We put so much work into this blog from advertising to hiring new writers. Now we are still trying to keep up with this blog so it wont die from the un-activeness. That's why you see a new writer almost every week.

Most of you would like to know who runs this blog?
Well to tell you the truth it's two people. My sis and I run this blog, but my sis (Ariana) does most of the posting, since she likes doing that and I will sometimes give her some ideas on comps and other things.

We are very happy with our accomplishments of creating this blog and having visitors from all over the world checking this blog daily ;D We really appreciate it. Thank you everyone!♥

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