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I was sent another VoxBox for free by Influenster, so here is my review
of all the products. I have been using them for about two weeks now and I can 
definitely give you my thought of them.

Colgate Optic White Kit:
So, I got the toothbrush, whitening paste and toothpaste that are all from the
same Colgate collection. They claim to help whiten your teeth in just three days and 
to tell you the truth, I still don't see a difference in the color of my teeth. 
I have been using all three products and still no results. I brush my teeth twice a day and
I use the whitening pen only at night since I don't want
to overdo it with that. So, I am not really liking any of these products.

I have been using these to wash my colored clothes and white clothes 
and both sets have been coming out really clean with no
need for a second wash. I really like these because they are super easy to use. 
Also much quicker so for those who really don't like doing the laundry, this is
a great product. The only downside is their price. They come in 
different quantities, so prices may vary  ($5-$80).

John Frieda:
I got there Beyond Smooth products. The shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream. 
They all have a nice fragrance, but they don't do much for my hair. I still
get poofy hair whenever I use this and my hair feels really dry if I don't
add my oil or suave cream. So, these products didn't do a thing but make my hair smell nice.

I got these full size hand cream for really dry skin. It is their 'repair' cream. Pretty pricey 
little product ($18). I think it does moisturize my hands but it doesn't
last that long. It will be back to really dry hands after a couple of hours. So, 
for the price this hand cream is not worth the buy. Also it has no smell, so that for me
is another con.

Adore Me:
I also got a free lingerie set from the site
I had to sign up for their VIP Membership, which was a hassle to do. It is 
a membership where you pay a flat fee every month for. I wasn't going to
pay that fee so I had to cancel my membership asap. I had to wait until my order arrived 
to my house to do so, so that was a pain. Once the lingerie arrived, I was pretty amazed on the packaging and the product itself. It looked just like the one at the site. The only thing I would have
to say is that the material used for the lingerie wasn't the utmost quality. I think Victoria Secret has 
better quality. Anyways the product looked nice and felt nice, so no complaints there. 

2 Awesome Comments:

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