Winter Make-up + Purchase limit

Monday, December 27, 2010 0 Awesome Comments
Well, since things have been a little slow in Stardoll, and there isn't much news to share. I thought I would do a little activity that involved fellow Stardolls...

I asked some members from APG (AskPaulinaGirls) to share a winter theme makeup style and these are a few of the entries that I recieved and thought that I would share with you :)

(Click the pictures to enlarge them)



What do you think of these winter makeup styles? Which one is your favorite? Please share in the comments

Also, Stardoll has changed Starbazzar limits again! You can now only purchase 5 items max from one persons Starbazzar a day. I presume this is to try and stop people from hacking and stealing LE or HotBuys from other users. So make sure you choose wisely next time you visit a Starbazzar, because you will only be allowed to purchase 5 items. What is your opinion on this?


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