Getting ready for spring!

Thursday, February 14, 2013 0 Awesome Comments
In less than a month, we like to say it's spring time! Even if the official day is in April.
Here are tips for getting ready for Spring, right in your own suite! 
  • Step 1, your closet
Your closet right now is probably winter stuff. In spring, we wear very little of that. So, it's time to go shopping! Although we may not have any stardollars, we'll use starcoins! -It's time for that-
   This spring's style trend is....
Bright colors and floral!
 Now that we have that, we can go shopping! We'll go to starplaza, as some of the bazaar's items are not always there.  Think scandals....think bright!
. If you're still stuck on stores and not finding anything, I recommend 
"Wild Candy" and "Tingling" bright and bold colors.

Step 2 will be released next week!

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