FREE Jacket, tshirt, shorts, shoes AND bracelet!

Monday, February 25, 2013 3 Awesome Comments
Hmm, I really like this 'Old available' things. This one is to get:

Free Jacket, Tshirt, Shoes AND bracelet! Wow! Heres how to get them:
If you are from the UK, Click HERE! Fill in the boxes and the clothes should be in your suite!

If you are from anywhere else, you need to use a web Proxy. Go to or Then paste this in the URL Of The Proxy:

Hit enter, and log into your account. When the boxes come up, fill it in. You can make it up (And send the email to your own account). When you are done, send the E-card and then leave the proxy. You should see the outfit in your suite!

Stellacaik xxx

3 Awesome Comments:

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