Follower O' Meter (1st Raffle)

Saturday, February 16, 2013 8 Awesome Comments

 Here is the list of people that were included in the raffle. These people were the only one's who entered and are following my blog. The rest didn't follow my blog or/and when I click on your profile it didn't mention anything about you following my blog.

The winner of the Hot Buys skirt is...

The winner of the Hot Buys pink cheetah cardi is...

Lastly, the winner of the Hot Buys red dress is...

Congrats guys! I will reserve the Hot Buys for you and for the rest of you there will be still a lot more raffles coming your way, since we still got a long way to go until we reach out goal. For the next raffle to start we will need 40 new followers, so go tell your friends about this contest. The more people you invite the more entries you will get. I will make another separate post for you guys to start entering into the second raffle. 
For rules and more click here.

8 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Congrats to everyone that won :)
    How do you follow the blog BTW? I followed it but my name is not on the list so I must have done something wrong :/

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