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      I know I'm not the owner of this blog, and The2gLaMs already sent out an email to all the writers saying we should be more active. Even if you don't write in the comments, we ask that you do. This will help the site from dying. Wouldn't you like it if you had lots of comments everyday in your blog? Of course you would.
     So, commenters need to be active. Advertise this blog to your friends, comment more often. We bring the latest news first. Sometimes not always first as we don't have that many active writers, or writers from around the world to tell the news when some writers are sleeping.
  Always ask the owner (The2gLaMs) if you can write for the blog. I bet they are looking for writers from other countries that are fluent in English and are active on
     It's not only the commenter's faults, it's the writer's also. Writer's are becoming more inactive. The active writers are mostly the owners and me (do not take the offensively). Most of the blog posts are about freebies, latest Stardoll news, new contests, rarely new dolls (as not many people dress up dolls).

The point of this post is to get everyone active again. 
*Write that you write for SLN in your presentation,
*tell your friends about SLN,
*advertise in the starblog (only in the comments)

And if you ever have any questions, concerns, or applying for writer, ask the owners. 

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