Sunday, February 24, 2013 1 Awesome Comments
So... Wow! I'm the new writer for this amazing blog :D I couldn't actually believe it yesterday so I kind of went a bit hyper and couldm't get to sleep which is awkward because I have to sprint for a bus in 20 minutes then do PE.
Im so funny lol. Anyway I'm Looley Boo, the new writer, 11 years old, British and sort of kinda addicted to oreos, Nerds and Marshmallow Fluff. I've been on Stardoll just over a year, but I've seen spammers, (a bit) of fame, made brilliant friends and started a HB collection :D You can view my suite here if you want. If you DO happen to visit my (bad) suite, and wonder why I'm wearing a gas mask, it's because when you troll parties you have to be prepared.
I'm a writer of all sorts of Stardoll stuff, so you'll be seeing more of me, don't you worry ;)

Looley c;

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