Happy Chinese New Year!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013 5 Awesome Comments
Today is Chinese New Year, everyone!! I've been celebrating it with my family, and it's been a good one so far!! Either if you celebrate it or if you don't, I wish you a happy and safe Chinese New Year!!

xoxo yingsmiley

5 Awesome Comments:

  • ying smiley said...

    The most awesome holiday in the world!! No just joking, it is in my opinion but chinese new year is the new year on the lunar calendar that chinese people use along with the normal calendar. There are 14 days of chinese new years celebration, but the "new years" is today. You eat tons of yummy chinese food, get red envelopes filled with money, and hang around with family and friends on this day. Of course, one of my favorite parts is the money :) People set off firecrackers, do dragon shows, and carry around lanterns if you live in China or areas with a lot of chinese population such as chinatown. I'ts really amazing and even though almost all of my family is in China and our family friends live too far away to visit each other during the holidays, we still enjoy chinese new year as a time to tidy up our house, wear new clothes, enjoy family time, and go out to eat.

    Have a happy chinese new year's!!

    xoxo yingsmiley

  • Pucca.002 said...

    Oh yeah! My family is chinese and last year I went to China on new year's eve. And as my family is Chinese, everyone gave me red envelopes with money and on the airplane, on the kid's food, they gave me a red envelope with chocolate coins :)

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