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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 27 Awesome Comments

New Members:20

How it works? 
\Once we get 20 new followers we will begin this event. When we get 20 new followers we will give out some Hot buys to one person for 2scs/sds. Then, when we reach that goal we will need 40 more new members, so we can give the next set of Hot Buys.
I hope you are understanding this.

Who can enter?
ANY follower can enter. 
Just write your blog user and stardoll user name in this post and you will automatically be entered.
You can recived up to 5 more entries, by inviting 5 people to follow this blog.
They must comment in this blog post with their blog user and stardoll user with stardoll username of the person who invited him or her.
That way I know who to give out the extra entry to.
Start entering now :)

How will I choose the winner?
Each time we hit our goal I will randomize the names and pick the winner using the program called, "The Hat".
That way it is fair.
YOU can only win one time. Let's be fair.

Any questions? Please sign my gb, don't write them in this post.

27 Awesome Comments:

  • ♥Rosie♥ said...

    Blogger User: ❤Rosie❤
    Stardoll User: Rose_Jean

    Btw, don't take this wrong, but I really do not like the new blog layout. The books hurt my eyes seeing as they are green, blue & red mainly and I am slightly colour blind. Sorry, just some constructive criticism :P

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