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Friday, January 11, 2013 7 Awesome Comments
Since there's really no news and I haven't posted in a while, so I decided to give the people here a few blogging tricks.

Blogging Tricks-
1. Make non-news posts on the weekend and save 'em as a draft so that you can publish them really quickly.
2. Instead of making videos for makeup tutorials, take screen snapshots and make a kizoa slideshow at The reason I use this is because you can put it in a blog post easily and it's really simple to make, only 30 minutes per tutorial.
3. If you are posting news, maybe have another friend that lives somewhere else help you post things so that when you're in school you can still be up-to-date with the posts.
4. Get a for your readers if you are running a blog so that your writers can be notified immediately of any new news.
5. Post accordingly:
5 minutes- news, do this every day
10 minutes- tips and hints, do this every other day.
30 minutes- tutorials and contests- do this every week
1+ hour- how-to guides and handbooks- do this every month
6. If you are a blog owner, also make sure that comments are enabled and that they don't need verification  It's really annoying and most blogs don't need it.
7. POST YOUR NAME AT THE END OF EACH BLOG POST!!!!!!! This annoys me SO MUCH since I hate anonymous blog posts and the commenters can't address you by anything.
8. Don't respond to mean comments even if they are advice. Do not waste your time with critics or haters. I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with this but between school, friends, family, and extracurricular, I really don't have time for criticism. I know it helps the blogger grow, and everything, but most of those comments say the obvious and are just plain mean.
9. GET SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!
10. Check typos. Mistakes like Winter Peek SHOULD NOT BE MADE on a professional looking blog. No offense to whoever posted that. I'm not saying you can't make mistakes, just please check for obvious ones before posting.
11. Be nice to your readers. Don't criticize them either. You might scare them off the blog :)
12. And most of all, school and blogging are kept in balance. One or the other IS NEVER an option.

I hoped you like it!! Yes, I am aggressive :)


7 Awesome Comments:

  • ying smiley said...

    I've been hurt by readers. Every blogger has been hurt by readers. Some even quit, so if I don't get a grip of myself, don't you think my blogging life will be ruined by commenters who need a chill pill?

  • Miss_sassy_girl on stardoll said...

    Ying, you just joined this blog.
    1.) School comes first (like loveable_emo22 said. BLOGGING IS AN OPTION, you don't have to do blogging if you don't want to.

    2.) Getting a chat box would be copying USD, we could, but some readers would tell we are copying them, and we wouldn't want the blog to run down do we?

    3.)We have bloggers from around the world, like UK
    and USA, it's sometimes hard to find a time to post
    especially if you are doing an activity. We try really
    hard on this blog to keep it have the latest news,
    and of course we do that.

    4.) You don't always have to have a signature at the bottom
    everyone knows who you are, under your post it says
    "posted by_________ at __:__(am-pm) so you don't always
    need to have a picture, I know the2gLaMs appreciate it
    if you use a picture (the one they make you) Which, I know,
    I should be using the one too, but most of the time,
    us writers speed post.

    Look, we try our hardest, who said this was professional?

  • ying smiley said...

    I know. The thing is, One, I am graduating soon,and I had time to blog AND be an A+ student, so grades and blogging were no problem for me. Two, USD is taking out their chatbox, and there are more than one websites for chatboxes. You could also create an email link. Three, not all blog layouts have the signature at the bottom. If you consider this, then you probably know my reason for this post AND why I suggest these questionable things.

  • lovable_emo22 said...

    Im also an A+ student, but blogging can still come in the way. If it cuts down to the chase, I would leave the blog for my education because that is the most important thing in life, and if i ever decided to do that, i bet that the2glams would understand.

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