Stardoll should update...maybe a little more?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 2 Awesome Comments
save imageStardoll updates alot, as much as they can for people to keep coming back and buying stuff. Who likes a place that isn't up to date? Exactly. No one does really. 
So today I was looking to see if Stardoll offers 10$ (I forgot if they did, even though it will be my 3rd one.) and so anyway, looking at what superstars get, I noticed that it wasn't all true, and that they didn't update it. 
It's true that if you become superstar you...
  • Live the life in your dream house (you have a large suite, which you can buy more rooms you keep forever)
  • Sell your creations or unwanted clothing in Starbazaar
  • Transform your doll with superstar hair
  • Have enough money to design your on line of clothes.
But, it's been a long time since Stardoll updated this. 
  • non-Superstars get to design their on line of clothes now with starcoins
  • Superstars don't get 200 stardollars a month (unless you pay for the stardollars yourself)
Hmmm..... Maybe Stardoll should look around the site more often?

Also... Reading through the description (under Stardoll- The perfect gift!) You can see that there is more options now instead of 12 months or 6 months. You can always get any other week, and you can still get 6 months and 12 months if you really wanted to.

Do you think Stardoll should change this banner and update it? (also leaving when they last updated it)

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Harsh26 said...

    Who remembers when makeup was only for SS? And I hated the "change" stardoll went through in 2010 cause it was too complicated and now its so easy and all! I bet most people don't even know what "change" I'm talking about. And stardoll should update!

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