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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 1 Awesome Comments
Interview for Stardoll Awards (polling, interviewing)
You may remember the posts about "Spoiledlittleme" and how she refers herself as queen.
Since then, news has went down about her, but, the hate is still in her guestbook.
Hopefully tonight (1/15) or tomorrow (1/16) I will be able to show you the interview.

*The interview was all done by messages
*Some of the questions were optional
*Asking was done her guestbook (q's in dollmail)

Spoiledlittleme, if you are reading this, I cannot wait to hear your response. 

*Stardoll Awards doesn't give you anything other than voting and interviewing. You may only get  interviewed once every month ( you may not get interviewed once every month*). Stardoll Awards (c) to SLN ( If you copy the picture, interviews, or anything that relates to the site or the posts, you are asked to leave credit or don't take it. 

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