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So since I'm just waiting for Kusja to send me the message back (for the interview) I'll just fill you in on the news:
Hair design bodies: Out of style?
We've seen Rodja, met Kusja, and bought Teusa's arm and leg designs. But is it going out of style?

             Kusja stopped on the "big" dolls that looks so life-like, that you can't say it's not that celeb.
but is just going to end now? Not many dolls are using the arm design or even making a doll-hair-body-design. Ever since Kusja got the world in her palm of her hands with her hair designs, the hair design making has taken it's mark and got word. When Kusja stopped making the designs, everything for Hair Design bodies has went down.
Has it gone out of style?

"We want our stardollars back" AGAIN?
                        When Stardoll announced that they no longer would be using stardollars and it was only for royalty and superstar members, the whole Stardoll community protested. When we, the community, won the rights to have stardollars for all members back, Stardoll changed it all up again. We can no longer trade in our starcoins for stardollars. The lose of stardollars started a numerous amount of protest on Stardoll. Stardoll has yet to comment or change  the system back. You can still exchange your stardollars to starcoins.
Are you mad about losing the starcoin to stardollar exchange?

Hotbuys going to be worthless than before?

                         Word is going around that the 2012's hotbuys might be going down hill. A number of people hated most of 2012's hotbuys, only few looked nice.
Have you found that lot's of 2012's HB's are less than bought in Starbazaar? 

Stardoll no longer supporting JcPenney?
                               It's been since the summer since we last saw the release in starplaza, and it's more difficult to find the clothes in real life.
Will JCP be leaving stardoll?

That's all the news for this week, I'm Miss_sassy_girl 
Have a safe and fun weekend!

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Cool.Glimmer said...

    How do you get to know all this news?
    I really want the starcoins to stardollars system back. And this time, it should be available to everyone!

    Only if they would have kept the Nelly Calendar for a month, it would have been so cool!
    I really liked the Nelly Hot Buys Calendar!

  • -SofiaO.o said...

    I believe that the main reason that hotbuys are no longer rare, is that stardoll has over 200.000.000 members. Everyone buys them and sells them lower than what other users do, finally reaching a price lower than the original one in starbazaar. Also, since there are so many users in stardoll being superstars and buying them, everyone has them so they cant become rare later ^^

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