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Thursday, January 3, 2013 4 Awesome Comments
So today I wanted to share with you something about stardoll.It`s... :
That`s the situation in Bulgaria,the country I live in.

And those are the only offers we have.The first gives us 2 stardollars (woooooah) for signing up in a site.The second one includes buying stuff and I don`t see a point.Those should be free,if I wanted to give actual money,I`d pay via SMS.And the third one asks for signing up in a site.Again.And that`s all in Bulgaria.
Other thing,in Bulgaria we have half the contests and the stores.And the only way to get a free item is through a manual proxy,which isn`t save for your computer.
Also,we don`t get the spoilers and banners,even those in Starplaza.And some of the shops`releases delay.
I really think the staff should do something about it,we`re all equal,we`re all members.
So how is it in your country?Do you have all the Stardoll features?

4 Awesome Comments:

  • rmss306 said...

    I live in dominican republic and it is the same, except for the delays since for almost all south america stardoll releases the same, ive noticed most contest and stuff are for the uk u.u or other countries in europe like greece, and sweden

  • JanaStarlite said...

    I am so sorry to hear that about Bulgaria. I have noticed, from the beginning of my time on Stardoll, that there are discrepancies between countries. I guess that they treat players from a certain country in direct relation to the number of members/accounts from that country.

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