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Welcome to the Mini Tutorial Segment! I will be posting 5 minute projects every week, and there will be 7 per segment.

Day 1:
Finger-knit a scarf. Wrap yarn around your hands,and when you have 2 layers,pull
the first layer over the second layer. Instructions HERE

Day 2:
Sidewalk Chalk Dip-Dye your hair.
Make a thick paste using sidewalk chalk and a tiny amount of water, and work the paste through your hair.

Day 3:
Swirl different colors of nail polish together on a non-sticky, smooth, clean surface and dip your nail into it to give it a swirly affect.

Day 4:
Instead of damaging your hair with curling irons, take an elastic headband and wrap pieces of hair around it again and again until you can't wrap it in anymore. do this with all of your hair and sleep in it. When you wake up, you will have curly hair.

Day 5:
Use glitter glue to personalize your phone, pencils, books, and more!

Day 6:
Mix vaseline with black eyeshadow to make last-minute mascara.

Day 7:
Draw a tattoo design with a #2 pencil on a piece of paper, wet the area of skin you want your tattoo to go onto, press the piece of paper onto the area of skin, and wet the paper again for a temporary tattoo.

Hope you liked it, xoxo 



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