Cheater alert!

Sunday, January 13, 2013 4 Awesome Comments
May I first start off with a big thank you to Kusja, for commenting on this blog in my post, thank you so much :)


We've been seeing it for a while now, and we are sick of it! Cheaters. 
Especially in hair, we've seen a lot in hair. One of which, a girl level 69, just keeps doing.
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a curly piece of hair. That's it, I'm not kidding. 
Nicole3rosa, cheating in stardesign over some curly piece of hair that I can make myself.
 (and I'm really bad at making hair!) 
Nicole3rosa has been at the top of the hairdesign (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) for almost what feels like a week!

*note* If you are really desperate for attention.. or trophies, at least make it look real or good.
Any ideas on her cheating? Or is  it just the voters?

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Nanna said...

    She's in the first place jewelry and hair since the last week. I am sure it's cheat or any hack (I've heard of a program called "Stardoll Hack" on google and youtube). Also she's cheating in stardesign jewelry with her other account princesa2Dulce.

    Cheating is ridiculous and stupid. I don't get why people are desperate for (bad) fame, hate and trophies, it is just a game. -_-

  • destined2bme said...

    I know her! She's such a cheater!oh and be sure to check out my blog!:

    Its not really hacks, I just couldnt think of a name! lol! :)

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