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Monday, January 21, 2013 6 Awesome Comments
From my last post, I can see that many of you are concerned about your grades. Well, no fear, let the nerd show you how to handle work without stress!!

  •  Extracurricular is ALMOST NEVER an excuse. When it is, quit some of them. Grades are more worth it.
  • Strive for the grades, not the 12 step beauty regiment. If you're not an adult, a swipe of lipgloss and a quick cleanse is ALL YOU NEED. Instead, use the time for last-minute cram studying (or blogging).
  • Do not EVER EVER EVER quit an important academic competition or exam for any excuse except for being sick/religious purposes. (Key word IMPORTANT here.)
  • Do all the extra-credit you can. 
  • Check your grades after every exam if possible.
  • Use facebook to make study groups and check homework with friends. DO NOT get attracted by facebook posts and end up reading every single one of them.
  • Download time limits for games if you really can't control yourself. I had one for stardoll a few months ago.
  • If you're taking the SAT's, head on over to the library to get some cram books.
  • Eat Breakfast. 
  • By balancing extracurricular with blogging and grades, I don't mean 2 hours of each. I mean 3.5 hours of studying and .5 hours of blogging. Balancing doesn't always mean equal, it really depends on the weight of your priorities.
  • Study for 2 hours, give yourself a 20 minute break. 
  • Record all of your TV shows or watch them online on weekends. TV during weekdays isn't very beneficial for your grades.
  • However, if you're on the computer on the right websites, it may be.
  • Don't use excuses. Just because you're not smart doesn't mean you can't get good grades or succeed in life.
  • Strive for more realistic goals. You shouldn't be striving to be the next Katy Perry, you should be striving for a stable job or going to an university.
  • Use if you're an middle school and higher student.
  • Honors classes can be tough. You should know if you're able to handle them or not.
Don't believe me? I've done this and I've had either A's or A+'s (Mostly A+'s) on all my main subjects.

  Well, that 's all the tips I can give you- For now.

xoxo yingsmiley :)

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6 Awesome Comments:

  • ying smiley said...

    What grade are you in? in high school and some advaned middle school classes, you MUST study to get an A. Plus, as I said, what about the SAT's? And also, not everyone's naturally smart. Keep that in mind. And plus, it was only a ratio, 30 minutes to three and a half hours. If you were a high enough grade level to understand ratios, you wouldn't be making such a useless comment (no offense). However, I do see your point of view. This is basically a summary of the study tips from the back of my homework planner, and it doesn't apply to everyoone. I used to be able to get perfect scores in most subjects (phys ed isn't one of them) without studying.

    sorry for such a long and useless comment, xoxo yingsmiley

  • Miss_sassy_girl on stardoll said...

    Pucca just said that she gets A without studying, congrats pucca!

    But you don't need to yell at her since she just said that.
    Pucca shouldn't have said "Who needs to study?", that's a useless question, but you don't need to get really worked up over it.

  • Pucca.002 said...

    I am in 6th grade. I mean, nobody needs to study, if you pay attention, you just need to read once what you didn't understand well in class and that's it!

  • Michaela4567 said...

    There are some good tips in there...
    I would also add
    Don't procrastinate on assignments and study. It may seem like you have forever, but deadlines can come up fast and doing it last minute just leads to stress.Do a little part a day instead.
    Having a exercise regime,even a small one is useful. Especially around exams, it helps with stress and tension ,gets you more energy and help you concentrate.
    And from personal experience, teachers will help you understand a particular concept or problem if you ask them and getting help is much more time efficient than struggling by yourself

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