Super Supreme; A jog through Old Stardoll

Monday, January 21, 2013 3 Awesome Comments
*this also is a new segment, Stardoll Awards will be put off until Kusja replies. Kusja will be on a business trip for a day or more.*

2 years ago, we saw another Limited Edition shop was re-released.
save imageOn May 10th, 2011 , Super Supreme had one of it's last releases.  Justin Bieber, Bella Swan, Willow Smith,  Zac Effron, and many more famous 2011 celebrities (and fictional characters) were in the shop. All superstar only items. These little characters could be collective figures in your suite (if you own one)
Since it's been 2 years of the release, these little dolls are rare.
***Your job, find 10 people that have these, or one, of these little characters in their suite.***
The last release used puns, incase you don't know what a pun is, a pun is playing with words.
Hmmmm.... Any idea on what Stardoll will do? 2 YEARS!!!

Oh, and writers, you can use this topic! Just title it..... "______; A jog through old Stardoll" If any other blog uses this, I WILL ask you to delete this. 

3 Awesome Comments:

  • AliceIzzy454 said...

    I have four from the last collection ^_^ ''Kitty Purry'' and the other one i think was ''Amanda Panda'' I'm not quite sure on the name but it was Amanda Seyfried. I also have the two cat things from the sunny bunny collection.

  • Marialuisa MissMeryLu said...

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