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Tired of being called unfashionable because you can't afford designer clothes? Well, the truth is, you probably can, but you don't know it.If you really can't,there are also many other options for looking stylish. Let's look at some economy-friendly shopping stops-

  • T.J. Maxx and Marshall's
  • Forever 21 and H & M
  • Kohls
  • Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom
  • American Apparel
Now, you're probably thinking, "These are wayyyy too expensive/cheap" for some of these stores. Some of  them aren't available for all countries. Anyways, let me review each of them and choose the trendiest items from each.

T.J. Maxx and Marshall's are omitted since they are not online stores.

1st Stop- Designer/More Expensive Stores
Neiman Marcus

This store has a large range of prices, and it sells many designer items.

Click here to buy or see it

This is a pretty cute dress for its price.the gold mesh straps on the back add shine.On sale now fpr $45.

Click here to buy or see it
I simply love this top. It's on sale now, as well. It's also worth its $42 without 25% deductions price tag, don't you agree?

Same as Neiman Marcus. I chose the best DESIGNER brand items to show you, and suprisingly, the prices aren't so OMG.

I like how the silk flows. Perfect for formal events.

If you look at the bigger version of the image, it has metallic blue specks of glittery material on the fabric.
 Next Stop, Teen Clothing
Forever 21 and H & M
These are mostly for teens (like me). Nice prices, nice clothes. Everyone wins.
Forever 21 has the cutest booties. While this isn't their cutest one, it's not too tall, and it's warm, so it compromises comfort and style.
Forever 21. Ooooo lala. This is on almost every girl's must haves list, I bet.You will gasp at the prices (unless you're me.)

 Unfortunately, my country (the U S of the A) Doesn't have options for online shopping in H & M. So I decided to skip it. I found some good buys, though.

Ahhh. My favorite store of all time, for some odd reason...

IZ Byer California Floral Halter TopClick Here

I am in love with this halter. Absolutely adorable.

SO Panda Bootie Slippers - Juniors'click here 

ooohhh panda booties!!

Speechless Zipper Bralet Top
 Apt. 9 Sequin Foldable Ballet Flats

Bralets <3 br="br">

Wow. These are much cuter than my Dr. Scholl's ones. 

Last Stop-
American Apparell
I'm pooped out from typing now. Wow. Anyways, Here are my fave pieces-


Well, this has been a long post. *YAWNS* I worked so hard on it. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below.



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