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Thursday, January 3, 2013 12 Awesome Comments

I am looking for new writers for this blog.
This blog has been slow in posting the latest shops out. So, for this reason, I want writers who will be able to give the followers the latest news quick
If you know how to print screen, type with minimal mistakes, and wants to write for this blog, then please sign below with your stardoll username. 
I am only taking serious writers. YOUR job will be to write about the latest shops in Stardoll. That will be your #1 job.
Also, just want to tell the current writers that their #1 job is to post about the latest shops out too. So, please check stardoll for any new thing and then come post in this blog. 
I am trying my best to do this too, so I as for your best effort, so this blog can grow and become better :)
A suggestion: If you don't see anything happening in stardoll, then check your email because stardoll always sends out emails about upcoming shops.

Ok, that's it!
Thanks for reading.

12 Awesome Comments:

  • Hayley said...


    I'm really good at PrtSc-ing and I can type really well without minimal mistakes. I go on stardoll as much as I can, and check me emails alot. Id really like to write on this blog!

  • Cool.Glimmer said...

    Hi the2glams!
    I hope I'm not late for posting this but I wanna be a writer for this blog!
    It'll not be related to Stardoll News! Instead, it'll be on Looks I create on Stardoll! I'll just post the outfits. I can Print Screen really well!
    And a small tip for u: Instead of posting your makeup tips on USD, post them here! Then you'll get more visitors!
    If u wanna add me, my e-mail is cool.glimmer91@gmail.com

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