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Thursday, January 17, 2013 2 Awesome Comments
Sorry for the late post. Anyway, enjoy! 

Hello Spoiledlittle me, or the queen of stardoll as you refer yourself.
First off, Im going to ask you a few questions, if you dont mind, be yourself, besides, a real queen is herself ;)
Miss_sassy_girl 1.) Whats it like to be the Queen of Stardoll, who referred you to that first?
Spoiledlittleme: I couldn't understand the second part of the sentence, so I'll answer the first part. Being the Queen is very nice, fun, but very busy.
Miss_sassy_girl 2.) With all the hate you get, how do you stand it?
Spoiledlittleme: I don't care about what my haters say because I know the truth. But it is sad how they keep lying to themselves instead of listening to me just because they don't like me.Miss_Sassy_girl 3.) Did you make this account to troll anybody, or did you just make it for a regular stardoll account? Spoiledlittleme I made my account to be regular account, but it's not really regular since I'm the Queen.Miss_sassy_girl 4.) Do your friends refer you to the queen of stardoll also? SpoiledLittleMe My other friends do refer to me as the Queen of Stardoll.

In these next few questions, they are kind of about your life (optional)
Miss_sassy_girl 5.) Are you an alpha in the real world?
SpoiledLittleMe: I am the Alpha in the real world too. If I wasn't the Alpha in the real world, then I wouldn't be the Queen.
Miss_Sassy_girl 6.) what is your favorite hobbies, besides being the queen?

SpoiledLittleMe: I like dancing, hanging with my friends, reality T.V. shows, sleepovers, shopping, and homeschooling.
Miss_sassy_girl 7.) Even though you have all this hate, do you try to be yourself or someone else? SpoiledLittleMe: I'm being myself.
Miss_sassy_girl 8.) Were you ever bullied, if so, how did you bring yourself back up? Did someone on Stardoll bully you?

SpoiledLittleMe: I was never bullied. Like I said before, I'm an Alpha in the real world too, but I don't bully.
Miss_sassy_girl 9.) When did you become the queen of Stardoll? SpoiledLitteMe: 9.) I became the Queen of Stardoll on July 1st, 2012.
It's an honor to interview you, 
Especially since this is my first real interview. Thank you SpoiledLittleMe.
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Be ready for next week :) 

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