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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 1 Awesome Comments

Hey guys!
Here is a review for the Holiday VoxBox I received for FREE from influenster :)

What's in the box?

*Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal

*Kiss Nail Dress


*Goody QuikStyle Brush

*Sole Society

The Review:
Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal ($1.79)
What can I say? It's basically a easy do it yourself oatmeal. There is nothing special to it. There are some dried fruit in the mix, so that's pretty cool. I like my oatmeal with some type of fruit in it. The size of this is enough to fill me up for a couple of hours, one or two x)

Kiss Nail Dress ($6.99)
I have been having a hard time applying these stick on to my nails. You need an extra pair of scissors to get the right measurement of your nail. It's a cool product, but I might just give these to my lil sis.

EBOOST (Varies)
Who doesn't need an extra boost of energy throughout the day?
This had a pomegranate flavor. So, the taste was...ew. It tasted like medicine. The pomegranate flavor was barely there. Also I didn't feel any different throughout the day. This didn't 'boost' my energy. Not going to be buying this any time soon.

Goody QuikStyle Brush ($11.99)
This is a nice little invention. I have always had a hard time getting my hair to dry out fast. It's a a neat product to have for those who like to style their hair right after the shower or don't have enough time to style their hair. I have tried this once and it does dry some of my hair. This brush will only work at its best when used on damp or wet hair. Believe me I tried using it just to untangled my dry hair and it felt pretty weird. 

Sole Society ($25)
What is this? It's an online shoe shop. They sell many different styles of shoes. For example, flats, heels, wedges, pumps, and so on. The prices are basically all the same..$50. I was lucky enough to get a $25 off discount on my first purchase. I haven't had the chance to use this code yet. Money is tight you know. 

*Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks (Under $2)
This product was only given to a specific number of people. So, that's why I didn't add it to the list of products that were included in this box. This type of mask is made of natural ingredients and with Aloe Juice for Blemish Prone Skin. I haven't had the chance to try any mask and for this to come in my box is just great!  I don't have many blemishes on my face, but this surely left my face feeling soft and really clean. Only one of these masks won't give you the whole effect of what this product was made for, so if you plan on buying this. Try buying a couple, so it can last you a month and that way you will start to see some difference in your face.

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