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Friday, January 4, 2013 12 Awesome Comments

This doll is non-SS, in level 4, and she's got Superstar hair.
I think this is not the first time you see something like this.
There are a lot of non-SS dolls, that have got Superstar hair, and exactly this hair and this face.
Someone say they're Dolls of the Stardoll Staff.
What do you think?


12 Awesome Comments:

  • kcv183 said...

    Probably a glitch. It happened before to my back up account. I chose a doll in the selection but then the hair turned out to be that same superstar hair. I couldn't change my appearance because it would say that i should upgrade to ss. After a while, my hair wasn't the ss hair anymore...

  • natasha-rox286 said...

    i'd say she was a superstar for 2 weeks
    and changed the hair
    then decided not to come on stardoll.
    for that week or something;
    because if she was ss she would be over level 4
    who knows

  • Reina said...

    It happens when you create the doll. Stardoll gives you the options to become SS by showing the hair you can have. If you say no and you don´t go to Beauty Parlor you keep that hair and face. As soon as you enter Beauty Parlor you have to change it. XOXO. (is not mystery, is marketing)

  • Lilycakepirate said...

    I'm not sure if any of you remember, but it was about a year to two ago (2011) when you first signed up you could be a superstar for a day as part of the new arrival gifts. Although you couldn't change your hair to a ss style, i don't think, you could do a few other SS things. This was before stardoll got revamped and I doubt this medoll was around before then.

  • Kelly said...

    I know why!! When you become superstar, you choose the superstar hair, right? And so this member's superstar ran out,and she still has the superstar hair on because she hasn't changed her beauty parlour yet.

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