Fashion City VS Stardoll

Saturday, January 1, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

HI , Today I am going to tell you about another Stardoll, Not literally another one but a game on Facebook that is like Stardoll .
My sister was searching up Fashion games on Facebook. She found "Fashion City" She played it and noticed it was just like Stardoll!

Here are some images. 
Here Is what they call "Mirror" On Stardoll it is called "Beauty Parlor"
Here is what they call "Condo" Which we call "Suite"

Here is another part of the "Condo"
Now here is what they call "Pictures" Which we call "Scenery"

Here is what they call "Scrapbook" and we call "Album

Here is what they call "Fashion District" Which we "Starplaza"

Here is another, Its there Design thing Like Interior Design and Clothes Design. 
There more to it ! If u go inside the make up shops and also the Hairstyles it is EXACTLY the same! Well atleast the old Stardoll. . If u have Facebook look it Up "Fashion City

Also if you want to add me on Facebook look me up PaTrisha De Leon Guevarra'
also add my sister that found it Angel Margaret Guevarra

Thanks Bye , xoxo

2 Awesome Comments:

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