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Tuesday, June 26, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
If you host a party now in the "Chat" section, you can now make a game too! Here is the party that I hosted. I saw the game sign, clicked it and hosted the game :) Many questions were easy, other's were more difficult. Each question that you get right, you get a star. You don't win anything though, but it's a fun game. Here are some questions that you might get:
"Which Stardoll staff is from Sweden?"
A. Your answer choices are here
B. Your answer choices are here
C. Your answer choices are here.
It's really fun and you get to laugh about it. I won the game but it didn't matter. We were all haveing fun :-)
Do you like this idea from Stardoll? I surely do, because you get to connect and have fun with everybody else :o)


2 Awesome Comments:

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