Father;s Day Contest

Friday, June 15, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

Father's Day is on Sunday here in America. In other counties it may be a different date. 

FUN FACT: Here in America Father's Day was not declared a national holiday until the 1970's.

To celebrate this holiday stardoll has created a new, unique contest. 

You have to accessorize your doll in man clothes. You can use StarHairDesign to make facial hair.

Stardoll offers the tip of checking out Mr. Store to get some inspiration. When you are done with your manly makeover please take a picture of your doll. Then you can send it in to Stardoll.

The prize is 50sd.

What are you doing for father's day.

I made my dad and grandpa a birdhouse. Well I painted and decorated them. If you want to see them please comment and tell me. I will post them. 



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