Sunday, June 24, 2012 6 Awesome Comments
Jakeito is chosen medoll of the week :)
Pretty cool right?
Jakeito is a 3 people shared account.
According to their presentation I guess they live in the ghetto part of town... haha.
They have 7/71 trophies and 34 starpoints (or level up points)

The amazing account is owned by:

(on the left is Amlyn_ and on the right is Wickawicka.)
There is no picture for BxAxMxF (she was deleted)

I really liked her medoll and thought that she should be on here.
15/15 for the medoll :) Great job!


Know someone who has a great medoll? Tell me in comments! 

6 Awesome Comments:

  • miss.h2o65 said...

    I do have someone who I think deserves it. Her name is Bichongirll (type of breed dog!) I know her suite isn't that good but that's because she has a really old computer which rarely works and has to use the Ipad (she can't see her suite) She so nice and friendly and if someone advertise in her guestbook she puts it on her presentation which we all know that only a few would do that! She's my best friend in real life and is so friendly on stardoll if you get to know her! Please take Bichongirll into consideration.

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