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Saturday, June 16, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

I wanted to explain the National Covergirl system. You may already know so sorry.

Well to review Covergirl is a special member who recieves the most votes from everyone in the world. National Covergirl is a person who recieves the most votes from their countru.

Not all counties have National Covergirl's. 25 counties do a day. That is it. So if someone from India goy 251 votes the person from america who got 150 may not be NCG ( National  Covegirl)

For example today in America we did not make the top 25 list of the most votes. So in result we did not have a National Covergirl. I always feel bad for all the people running and they would not have won.

I think strongly that every country should get a National Covergirl not just the top 25 girls with the most votes. I just feel bad that some people wasted all that money broadcasting.

What do you think?




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