Nail Art with beads

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers, 

I found out the cutest way to do nails. It is simple, easy and very cute.

What you need:

 ♥  Any color micro beads ( can be found at any craft store)
♥   Bowl
♥   A thick nail polls (any color you want)
♥  Clear top coat of nail polish
 ♥  Base coat of nail polish

Now you can get started:

1. Apply a one coat of the base coat nail polish. This protects your nail.

2. Wait for the base coat to dry.

3. Take the thicker nail polish and paint a coat of that on top of your base coat. 

4. When the thicker coat of nail polish is dry take your first nail and repaint it with the same thick nail polish.

5. Quickly put your nail of the bowl and pour the beads on your nail. 

6. Do the same for the rest of your nails.

7. Now apply the top coat over your beaded nail. This will help the beads stay on your nails.

8. Wait atlas 15-60 minutes. ( I wait 15 others wait more or less.

Here is a picture:

Credit for this picture goes to 1008 Hollywalk Park Blog.

Were my instructions clear enough? Please be honest. What do you think. Please comment! Thanks


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