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Stardoll is located in Stockholm, Sweden. But you won't believe what it looks like, inside and out.
Here is a picture of it from outside, I took a screen shot of it from Google Maps:
It doesn't look like what you would expect, but hey..Google hasn't been updated for a bit. The maps were updated in 2OO9, but if you go outside you might just see a google car (if you're lucky of course) so you know they are updateing.
Anyways, let's look inside Stardoll.

This is Callie.Stardoll in real life, and yes, right beside her is a REAL Stardoll Paperdoll.
Callie looks a thousand times different than her medoll.
 This was when the Wonder Girls were at Stardoll.

This is all that I could find, but there will be more to discovering the real Stardoll...inside and out.


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