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Thursday, June 14, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
This is found under "Contact" session. Amy Diamond, Twilight, and OC are clubs on Stardoll that have been deleted by OC...  They are currently under review and investigation. Some of the members of OC, Amy Diamond, and Twilight talked to stardoll I guess (since they all lived in Sweden, I dont have the full story on it, I don't know if  this is true either.) They said that Stardoll might let OC, Twilight, and Amy Diamond it's own offical club since every other club has been deleted.
We're not sure yet, but we do think that Stardoll might let OC be on it's own.
                                                What do you think?
--Ashtyn/Miss_sassy_girl (Oc'er)

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