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Thursday, June 14, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Hai everybody! if you haven't looked at your messages already, you would see that you get this:
More trophies! I like this idea, but what I hate, is what you might have noticed already:
 is Stardoll starting a school? I hope not!
this doesn't look that bad. But Is it for cooking?
Some of these trophies aren't that bad, but some like the above in red ^ are to worry about.
Do you think this will last very long, do you think everyone is happy with this idea?
When I was in OC this morning I asked some of the OC'ers (who are now in HPC, after deleteing AD (amy diamond) TC (Twilight) )
One member said:
"This svcks with the graduation hat. It's not like any of OC is going to the "school"."

as for me, I'm waiting to see what happens

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