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Friday, June 29, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
The end of Euro 2012 is near, sad.. I know, I know. But it's time to show off your spirit :)
click here to vote for who you think will win the Euro 2012 on Stardoll.
Since Spain and Italy are the only teams that made it, who do you think will win? Here are some items that you should get :)
Click add to cart to get the items (I'm going up to 110sc)

The red outfits are from Spain, the blue are from Italy.
The jerseys are from 50sc-60sc
The dresses are from 60sc-70sc. (click that link to be taken to Starplaza)
I'm going for Italy :), who are you going for?

Buy the items for the team that you are going for. 
Be creative and make something unique, make the outfit look really nice with accessories, jewlary, makeup, and as much items that support your team.

The winner of the contest wins:
*Me to join their club, along with my backup
*10 cupcakes (a few at a time)
*medoll of the week
*5/5 for a week on everything.

Here is what you do to get entered:
*make yourself all out for the team you are going for.
*Be creative
*dont steal, or copy ideas from any of the contestants.
*Down below in the comments write your Username (also your name if you would like), what room (if specific) and why you think your team will win.

So, what do you think? (I'm not ss so I dont have much to offer) 

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