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Thursday, June 28, 2012 10 Awesome Comments
It was only 3 days ago, but it felt like 5 weeks :P
Here are your winners:

if you voted and you ARE apart from OC, write your username 
down below so you can be medoll of the day/week
or nominate someone from that club.
*note* club creator isnt going to be featured, but robin is :)
 Clubs placed:
*FA,DC, and FC were all tied.
One person from MSW and Animal lovers are going to be featured in the same post also.
Here is what you should post in the comments;
-Your username-, I voted for -the club you voted-
I'll get back to you soon!

10 Awesome Comments:

  • Art123peace said...

    I used to be a fan of these major clubs. However I gave that up after been bullied on numerous occasions. I also do not like all the profanity involved in those clubs. Honestly six year olds play on this site. My little sister learned every single bad word from OC.

  • Anonymous said...

    I agree with art123peace. I'm not a part of any of those clubs because of all the immature kids that take a part in them. They swear, make racist jokes, and of course make sexual references. I prefer roleplay clubs, and I've met some incredible people that way. :)

  • Anonymous said...

    You just have to find a type of club you like. I am a fan of the late 1700s and a few other historical time periods so once I found several roleplay clubs pertaining to that I stuck with it.

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