Omg, I'm sooo sorry

Sunday, June 10, 2012 8 Awesome Comments
This banner:
was not made by me at all. Thanks everyone who noticed.

Here's the story: My friend made that banner on Stardoll (well copied it and put Miss_sassy_girl writer) I never thought that she would since she was Royalty and said she was a graphic designer.

I'm sooo sorry everyone, that is not mine and I didn't do anything, it was the girl that said she made it when she really didnt.

8 Awesome Comments:

  • Miss_Sassy_girl said...

    i would never intend to steal stuff.
    I'm soo sorry that I never noticed. :( But at least lovegossip4life noticed and so did many other members, sorry everyone.
    But why should I say sorry when i didn't know, and the girl said she made it when she didn't?
    I'm still going to say it though, i'm crying now, I would never steal or copy, sorry everyone.

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