Zombie Offer???

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 1 Awesome Comments

Zombie time on Stardoll!

Go rabid in Starplaza from now until Sunday, 28th of August to take a bite out of this zombie offer:

Spend between 100-199 Stardollars in Starplaza, get 10 Stardollars back
Spend between 200-499 Stardollars in Starplaza, get 40 Stardollars back
Spend over 500 Stardollars in Starplaza, get 250 Stardollars back

If you spend more than 100 Stardollars, you'll receive 10 stylish free Zombie gifts - and the Stardollars - on Monday, 29th August!

Go to Starplaza!

^^ I got this off the message stardoll sent us :D sadly I cant copy and paste or drag pics....so enjoy this real/fake zombie :D

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