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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 9 Awesome Comments
Are you feeling lucky?
For the next few weeks or so we will be having Lottery in our blog, to enter in this competition you will need to buy one or more of our shirts (The shirt above is the LOTTERY shirt for BOTH Lotteries). After you buy the shirt we will put you in the drawing.
If you want to get a better chance in winning this you can buy more than one shirt, so how many times you buy one of our logo shirts will equal to how many times your name will be put in our raffle.
The shirts will be worth 8sds, we will sell some shirts for starcoins, but there will be a limit on clothes for starcoins.
So depending on how much stardollars and starcoins we get from the lottery is how much we will put into the lottery prize(only profits will be counted). For example: If you buy a shirt for 8sds, 3sds will go to the lottery. So if you want the prize to be big then tell all your friends about this lottery, make sure they follow this blog before entering.

Another way you can join this raffle is by buying ONLY one shirt  and commenting in our posts we make, the more you comment the higher chance you have to win. I will add 1OOsds to the total amount.
So in the end there will be TWO winners, one from the raffle and the other one from the most comments.

Sign this post stating
Im going to participate in the (raffle or commenting)


9 Awesome Comments:

  • Teo / Botsy_pink said...

    Username: botsy_pink
    Im going to participate in the raffle

    PS:"My blogger name is Teo / Botsy_pink (I am a follower) But IDK why I can't post with it.

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