Lady gaga Edge of Glory Look

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
This is SO hard.....................I also HATE how I did it :/ Stupid Stardoll has SUCH a fat brush :/  So here is my Fail:

  • Lips: A plain red is perfect :) 
  • Mascara/ Eyeliner: All the eyeliner and mascara you can put on
  • Eye Khol: All that you can put on at the bottom. If you have any extra use it on the top
  • Eyeshadow: This is the hard put: It  would be perfect if you had a smaller brush but pretend you are putting a pair of giant false eyebrows on :P that's how  I picture it. 
  • Blush: None or just a little red.
  • Hair: The one I picked below is practically perfect but please pick the one you want :)

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