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Sunday, August 14, 2011 4 Awesome Comments
Since most of the people that voted did not follow the rules, I will have to deicde on my own who will be eliminated.
Btw next time please let the person know they must FOLLOW my blog first and sign in the post with their blog's username so I can count their vote.

Ok now time for the results(my pick)
The one with the best outfit goes to...nayaracuca!!! Her outfit was the best for this week's task :)  You will not be eliminated next week.
 Now for the model who will be leaving us today is...
looloo257. Sorry but your outfit wasnt that impressive to me, but great job on completing the assignment!(:

 For our next task you will need to make a ball gown, make it look impressive. You can use anything you want. When you are finish make sure you post the tinypic link in this post.

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    aww what a shame well dont worry, at least i tryed my best!, i think its coz i didnt have enough stardollaz to spend on it, but ill keep following, plz can we do this comp again some time, it was great fun, if u want i can be a stand in judge if one of them cant help xxx bye . looloo257

  • meegz27 said...

    p.s. can we not do the voting way to find out the results, cause when i was asking people they were getting confused with it :/ xx

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